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Recent years have seen research in nano and molecular technology increase dramatically, due largely to its potential applications (e.g. healthcare). The research and developments of nanotechnology is highly inter-disciplinary, spanning various fields such as material science, physics, systems biology, computational modelling, etc. In the same way that these different fields have contributed to the success of nano and molecular technology, the field of Information and Communication Technology also has the potential to contribute to this emerging field, in order to increase its capability as well application base.

The aim of the 1st IEEE International Workshop on Molecular and Nano Scale Communication (MoNaCom), is to increase the visibilty of this growing research area to the wider communication research community, in order to increase awareness as well as foster new inter-disciplinary research by bridging the field of nano and molecular technology and ICT research. The workshop will showcase both theoretical and practical papers in the field of nano and molecular communications (e.g. information theory, mobility of nano networks, protocols and architectures), as well as potential applications of this type of minituarized networks. Due to this highly inter-disciplinary field of research, the workshop aims to attract researchers and academics from various fields of study such as electrical engineering, computer science, biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, bio-engineering, bio-technology, who have interest in communications at the nanoscale.