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In nanotechnology, nanomachines are envisioned as the most basic functional unit able to perform very simple tasks at a nanoscale. Molecular and nanonetworks are the inter-connections of nanomachines expanding the capabilities of a single nanomachine. In this context, traditional communications paradigms are not applicable, and novel ones are required to interconnect them.

This workshop aims to capture the state-of-the-art by soliciting original novel contributions in this and related areas including, the following:

Design and engineering of nanomachines for nano/molecular communication: Protein machines; Artificial cells; Synthetic cells; DNA machines; Nano-bio sensors and actuators

Infrastructures for nano/molecular communication: Calcium signaling; Viral transport; Carbon Nano Tubes (CNT); Membrane nanotube; Flagellated Bacteria; Molecular motors over microtubules; Neural networks; Electromagnetic nanonetworks

Network theory: Mobility in nano/molecular networks; Energy models for nano machines; Information theory of nano/molecular networks; Protocols and architectures for nano/molecular communication; Network control of nano/molecular communication; Addressing, switching and routing at nano/molecular scale; Coding in nano/molecular networks; Security of nano/molecular networks

Nano/molecular network design: Robust design and architecture; Network design by moleware; Emergent behaviour in nano/molecular networks (e.g. self-assembly, self-organisation); Programming for moleware communication; Planning of nano/molecular networks; Networks of nanocomputers

Natural Computing in nano/molecular communication: Molecular computing; DNA computing; membrane computing; Integration of computational and communication capabilities in nano/molecular networks

Tools to support nano/molecular network design: Wetware communication by simulation in silico; Network simulators (e.g. ns2, ns3) for nano/molecular networks

Applications of nano/molecular networks: Healthcare, e.g., drug delivery, nanomedicine, Telecommunications, Energy, Biotechnology, Environment, Nano robots communication

Call for papers (PDF)